Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How To Format IRAC in Law School

How to format IRAC in law school is a specific technique used to brief cases and draft essays. The IRAC format is a helpful quick acronym in law school. To format IRAC you must follow the steps: Issue - Rule - Anaylysis - Conclusion.

Many law students memorize and use the IRAC formatting method to help state their thoughts and express them in a clear and concise manner. "I" for ISSUE means that you state what the "issue" is that the parties are suing over or aruging about. It is what the case or topic is consisting over. "R" for RULE means what is the rule or the law that the case is referring to to explain the analysis. It is what the parties are abiding by and using to determine how to argue their side of their case. "A" for ANALYSIS is the explanation and detailed summary of the case. It is the fact summary of the case and applying the rule statement that leads to the outcome of the analysis. "C" for CONCLUSION is the concluding decision of what was the argument of the case/matter at hand.

Law school students can use the IRAC formatting method when briefing cases (to "brief a case") getting the pertinent facts. They may also use the IRAC method when drafting law school exam essays. Law school students will typically learn of the IRAC formatting method their first semester of law school.